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Donna Sikyta

Nirapon Team Member

Donna Sikyta

Director of Member Engagement and Operations

Donna Sikyta is currently the Director of Member Engagement and Operations for Nirapon where she represents the interests of multiple Global Brands, Retailers and other Members on factory safety in Bangladesh. As the critical liaison between members, service providers, the CSO and Nirapon Board, she works to develop and influence process improvement to advance the country’s safety as manufacturers of products sold worldwide.

Donna is a corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability professional with 20 years of executive leadership experience developing programs that support corporate values for globally recognized brands. Known for aligning supplier controls across a global platform, she is a champion in developing company policies and advising management on possible risks. Donna has been a key contributor in transitioning the work of the Alliance to Nirapon’s current member-led model and in growing Nirapon’s membership.

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