The core of Nirapon’s Safety Management Program is education and training.

Search our Learning Center for targeted education programs and safety resources to help your factory implement changes that reduce risk and create a sustainable culture of workplace safety.

Safety Articles

Case Study

Industrial Boiler Safety

Over the years there has been a history of boiler explosions, caused by either the steam produced in the boiler, or the ignition of the fuel used…

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Electrical Safety

Electricity is the lifeline of a factory…without safe electrical systems apparel production cannot happen…

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How To Boost The Effectiveness Of Your Safety Committee

Many of you already have established Safety Committees within your organization. “Safety is no accident” reminds us that everyone…

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Nirapon Safety Bulletin on Air Conditioning Units

There are several reasons why an AC unit may catch fire. These problems influence each other; for example, debris or dust from lack of regular…

Technical Safety Data Sheets

Nirapon Technical Safety Message

Technical and Safety Considerations for the Safe Installation of Solar Panels

Prior to the installation of solar panels consideration should be given to the design and weight of the panels. These panels will place…

Nirapon Technical Safety Message

Solutions For Managing Locked Exits in Factories

The risks and hazards of locking exits should always be discussed with factory management as soon as possible. These guidelines are intended …