Jun 23, 2023

Why Nirapon Partners with the Open Supply Hub for a Safer Bangladesh

Why Nirapon Partners with the Open Supply Hub for a Safer Bangladesh

As an organization that values both collaboration and transparency, we want to shed some light on our partnership with Open Supply Hub, an open-source database that helps uphold human rights and improve working conditions in factories.

Since 2021, we have been sharing a list of the factories that participate in Nirapon’s Safety Management Program via the Open Supply Hub. This platform allows anyone to search through records to see which factories are participating in the Nirapon program. This platform is powered by an advanced name and address-matching algorithm that allows us to quickly identify and strengthen our data. By supporting the use of the Open Supply Hub, Nirapon is committed to improving these algorithms along with many retailers, manufacturers, multi-stakeholders, and civil societies.

Nirapon plays a crucial role in monitoring and improving safety conditions to help these factories operate within a safe and ethical framework. Through the Open Supply Hub, Nirapon can work together with retailers, manufacturers, and other stakeholders to make Bangladesh’s manufacturing sector a safer place for workers. The Open Supply Hub has helped Nirapon make data more freely available often resulting in expanding our reach and exposure of the program.

Creating a safer workplace culture in Bangladesh is an ongoing journey that needs collaborative efforts. Nirapon has recognized the importance of openness and transparency, and that’s why we partner with the Open Supply Hub. By working together with stakeholders, including retailers, manufacturers, and factories themselves, we contribute to providing access to quality data and help move the industry onto a more sustainable path.

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