Sep 30, 2021

Special Statement: Nirapon’s Response To The Extension Of The Accord Agreement

Special Statement: Nirapon's Response To The Extension Of The Accord Agreement

Nirapon provides a comprehensive suite of end-to-end safety support services, including a complete safety management monitoring program, educational support, and decision support services to members for factories that have already remediated against a technical corrective action plan (CAP-Closed).

We believe safety is essential for the people that work in factories and, therefore, is good for business. We partner with brands and factories to educate, inform, and demonstrate that safety is part of daily working life – not a separate subject.

Nirapon provides technical support services for all members and their factories. In addition, we have seen improvements in our factories with around 30% utilizing our technical services to expand their factory.

Our members’ goals are achieved by working collaboratively with three partner service providers, delivering a holistic and in-depth analysis and program of industrial safety. These partners include the Amader Kotha Helpline, BRAC, and ELEVATE Global Limited. Nirapon’s efforts are complementary and mutually reinforcing with government and key stakeholder initiatives.

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