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Nirapon partners with industry-leading service providers to implement our Safety Management Program.

Safety Management Program
Service Providers

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ELEVATE’s qualified engineers carry out technical assessments of factory buildings to detect life safety hazards due to structural integrity, fire and electrical safety. 

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In the last 50 years, BRAC has become a world leader in developing and implementing cost-effective, evidence-based programs at scale.

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The Amader Kotha Helpline provides workers with a mechanism to report and resolve safety and other concerns in Bangladesh factories.


ELEVATE facilitates the Nirapon Safety Management Program (funded by members). In addition, their qualified engineers carry out technical assessments of factory buildings to maintain the relevant standards of engineering safety work, but also cater for growth of the supply base from new factories to the expansion of existing factories.


BRAC is focused on large scale, positive change through economic and social programs that enable women and men to realize their potential. BRAC facilitates Nirapon's worker training and educational programs including the Safety Management System (SMS), Train The Trainer Program (TtT), Security Guard Safety Training, Basic Fire Safety Training and Safety Committee training for managers and selected workers.

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Established in 2014, the Helpline became an independent initiative in July 2018 and is available to all factory workers with the support of factories and brands. Amader Kotha is a unique collaboration among three project partners – Clear Voice, a project of The Cahn Group, LLC, Phulki and ELEVATE. 

The Amader Kotha Helpline tracks all calls and their outcomes, providing accurate reporting on safety and other issues in factories. The data provided by the helpline also helps Nirapon to formulate strategies to prevent accidents and start to predict emerging risk. 

Amader Kotha Helpline (SP)
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