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Nirapon Restructures To Better Serve Worker Safety

Press Statement For Immediate Release
Dhaka, Bangladesh

May 29, 2020

The Nirapon Board of Directors announced today it would restructure the organization to better serve worker safety. Founded in 2019, Nirapon built upon the work of the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety, supported by 21 brands and serving over 600 factories. Nirapon will continue its focus on safety while shifting to a more streamlined organizational structure based in North America. The restructure is effective May 31.

Nirapon is committed to helping its members’ sourcing factories create a sustainable culture of safety. We have made tremendous progress, and as we look into the future, we will have more impact with this new organizational structure by streamlining safety oversight, partnering with well-respected training providers, and maintaining our effective helpline.

With the restructure, the organization will shift to provide increased technical support with three main areas of focus:

• Safety Monitoring: As a consortium of 21 brands and retailers working to promote a culture of safety in more than 600 apparel factories, safety monitoring will continue and improve with a new third-party monitoring organization to be announced at a later date. Safety monitoring will continue to include protocols that are part of the day-to-day factory operations, including structural, electrical, and fire safety, as well as the ongoing training of workers on fire and building safety.

• Training: Incorporating the feedback from numerous factories, the fire safety training will shift from Local Training Providers (LTP) to a local, trusted and competent organization. They will work to streamline training and explore online options without compromising effectiveness.

• Helpline: The “Amader Kotha” helpline, a model for worker reporting not only in Bangladesh, but around the world, will continue to operate and provide workers with a safe and anonymous outlet for reporting issues.

The new organization will be based in North America. The Nirapon Board of Directors thanks the entire team who have tirelessly dedicated years to building a safer garment industry in Bangladesh. The outgoing team has been provided with severance packages. Moushumi Khan, the CEO since Nirapon’s inception, will be departing Nirapon and a new Chief Safety Officer (CSO) will be named at a later date, reflecting Nirapon’s more technical nature. Ms. Khan led Nirapon with a steadfast commitment to worker safety in Bangladesh.

In a statement, Ms. Khan said, “As the inaugural CEO of Nirapon, it was my honor to help oversee a successful transition from the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety to the new organization. I remain committed to worker safety in Bangladesh and look forward to supporting all those who share this noble goal.”

A new leadership search is currently underway. Until a new CSO has been identified, the Board will direct the organization.

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