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Paul Rigby

Nirapon Team Member

Paul Rigby

Nirapon Chief Executive Officer and Chief Safety Officer

Paul started his career as an engineer with the British Army, followed on by nearly 30 years of fire, rescue and safety experience, including principal-level leadership positions with the UK Fire and Rescue Service, the London Fire Brigade and NATO, in this latter role serving in Afghanistan and the Balkans.

Very early in my career I realized that the most effective way to protect people and to save lives, was to prevent accidents or incidents from happening in the first place. This requires a more complex approach than just auditing workplaces.

I am committed to this role because the members of Nirapon also believe in a holistic approach to safety that includes helping factory managers to understand why safety is important, then building their capacity to make informed risk-based decisions. We also educate workers, managers and owners to understand the why or the intent of safety legislation. This approach is more likely to be sustainable than an enforcement focused strategy.

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