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Munmun Roy

Nirapon Board Secretary

Munmun Roy

Senior Performance Manager, Responsible Sourcing and Sustainability, Target

As Senior Performance Manager for Responsible Sourcing and Sustainability at Target, Munmun Roy is responsible to manage oversight of a diverse supply chain made up of Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Jordan focusing on responsible sourcing strategies and programs associated with worker well-being, improving the workplace safety and environment, fostering workplace communication and ensuring environmental sustainability for 9 years at Target.

With her 15 years of presence in the industry, Munmun brings experience from her previous role in H&M’s leading social and environmental platform for Bangladesh where she worked with both internal and external stakeholders to promote human rights and worker well-being in the supply chain. Being a Social Science and Development graduate, Munmun is passionate about making a positive impact for people, planet, and products.

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